APOLLO: assessing protein single or multiple model(s) (Help)
Evaluating the absolute and/or relative qualities of multiple models or a single model

Upload a compressed file (i.e. zip or tar.gz) containing multiple models OR a single model text file in PDB format: (two multiple models examples: example.zip, example.tar.gz; a single model file example: example)

OR paste a single model in PDB format: (example)

(Optional) Email address: (where the evaluation results will be sent to)

Cite APOLLO: Zheng Wang, Jesse Eickholt, and Jianlin Cheng, (2011) APOLLO: A Quality Assessment
Service for Single and Multiple Protein Models, Bioinformatics, 27(12), 1715-1716.

Help and tutorial of APOLLO

Download ModelEvaluator for absoluate quality assessmen t of a single model
Download APOLLO pairwise global model quality assessment software

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