Protein domain boundary prediction by integrating
evolutionary signals and machine learning

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Job Details

Plain sequence. Spaces, newlines and any FASTA header will be ignored.
Mininum sequence length is 90 residues.

Set a minimum threshold for the confidence of domain boundary predictions.

Run an additional check to classify query as a single or multi-domain protein.


J. Eickholt, X. Deng, and J. Cheng. DoBo: Protein Domain Boundary Prediction by
Integrating Evolutionary Signals and Machine Learning.
BMC Bioinformatics. 12:43, 2011.


Set a confidence level for your job. A confidence of 80% means that 80 percent of predicted domain boundary sites are likely within 20 residues of a true domain boundary.

Run an additional test on the protein sequence to predict if the protein is multi-domain or single domain.